Spell Bytes is an online portal on which a game-like tutorial facilitates the improvements of the vocabulary and spelling skills.

Whether its a National Bee competition or a regional level Spell Bee competition, Spellbytes is a companion you can trust.

Your companion onjourney with words

SpellBytes is a structured and interactive program for spelling bee contestants and for general language learners. It is designed to assist you in building a strong vocabulary with a wide variety of engaging study modules.

A systematic, target based approach is maintained to track the progress and is accompanied with multiple testing modules for deeper evaluation.

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Learning Modules

Game Features

Progress tracking

One of the biggest feature of spell bytes is its tracking the learners progress. It gives upto date alerts of your targets...

American & British versions

Spellbytes is one of the rarest online spelling bee provider that allows students to select either American or British spelling mode...

Set targets and milestones

SpellBytes provides the feature to set the targets based on your learning pace and many evaluation reports and alerts...

Learning History & Reports

All the learning journey is recorded and students can review the words which are rightly placed in the corresponding lists.

Age-wise word lists

All the words are very well categorised by our panel of experts with their years of experience in the teaching arena...


To make the learning more interesting and effective, many other add-ons game modules are given...


This product comes under the series of Educational concepts launched by Wizycom group. The company had delivered many online and offline learning modules which have gained wide acceptance, globally.Spellbytes has been designed and developed with the objective of providing the most comprehensive spelling bee tutorial to all students who wish to participate in Spelling Bee competitions and games. The larger goal is to build spelling skills, enhance in-depth knowledge of Etymology and encourage vocabulary-acquisition techniques.

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