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Team Wizycom

About Wizycom SpellBytes-Interactive Spellbee GameWizycom is a company established with a mission to promote quality after school Education that enhances the cognitive skills of Children. By leveraging technology and its wide potential, company has introduced many innovative products that are popular among widespread Global audience. A dedicated product research team of experts accompanied by a passionate technical team, and volunteers with abundance of skills is what Wizycom is all about.

Ranging from offline and online learning courses, informative and educative tutorials, Edu games, memory games, simple yet effective activity portals- our catalogue has many to offer. All these products are synergised to obtain the maximum potential and has been used as a complete Brain development program.

Under the leadership of CEO Arjun Valiyaparambil, our team of experts designs, develop, and refines the online and offline courses and other modules that are collected in the company's flagship products such as AbacusMaster , SpellBytes , WizyPuzzle