What is the franchise validity period?

The franchise license is valid for 3 years after which it has to be renewed.

Will I be provided with the franchise certificate?

Yes, you will be provided with a franchise certificate valid for 3 years. After renewal, we will provide you with the new one.

Do you provide marketing assistance?

Yes, marketing materials like brochures, banners, rollups, etc. are incorporated in the individual franchise portal, which can be used by you as and when needed.

Will you be helping in the marketing?

Local marketing you have to do it yourself. But our team will help your franchise promotions on all our social media platforms.

Are the kits provided to each student?

Yes, each of your students would get the kits for each level. The kit for grade 1 includes a bag, grade 1 book, pencil, and eraser.

Do I have to pay extra for the shipping of the kits?

No, the shipping cost is inclusive.

How many levels are there in the spelling bee?

There are 10 grades in spellbytes training.

How are the exams conducted?

The exams for the students are conducted online through the franchise portal.

Do I need to pay the exam fees?

No,the exam fees are inclusive.

Are the certificates provided to the students?

Students successfully passing the online exam are given certificates for all the levels.

If the student fails the exam, what is the next step?

Students successfully passing the online exam are given certificates for all levels.

Do I have to pay any royalty?

No royalty fees are to be paid to us.

Are there any franchise fees to be paid?

Yes, initially a one-time franchise fee has to be paid.

How can I maintain the student details?

Each franchise is provided with a separate franchise portal where all the activities related to student database management can be handled easily